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Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coins seem to have been getting much attention from crypto investors nowadays as major cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallet and even custody solutions providers have started integrating staking services into their platforms. Even existing crypto projects are trying to …

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Some cryptocurrencies use Proof of Stake algorithms instead of Proof of Work. Discover how Proof of Stake works and the benefits to this system.

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StakeBox is a low energy consuming kit you can leave running 24/7 while earning more of your favourite Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency. Its more energy efficient than mining as you dont need an expensive computer rig, and you can earn more of a PoS cryptocurrency by simply staking coins in …

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Tezos (XTZ): ~5% Yearly Interest. The first in our list of the best PoS coins is Tezos, a blockchain platform similar to Ethereum. Tezos is widely known for having one of the biggest ICOs of all time, with investors investing nearly $232 million in XTZ tokens.. Perhaps due to the huge amount of money Tezos raised, there was a lot of infighting among the Tezos team.

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Why Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency? Proof of stake cryptocurrencies possesses multiple benefits. “Staking” aims to produce the same results mining will produce with none of the humongous energy that is dedicated to mining, i.e., just by holding on to this proof of stake coins you can turn a pretty decent return on investment.

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Proof-of-stake is a method of maintaining the integrity of a cryptocurrency, preventing users from printing extra coins they didn’t earn. While a different method, called proof-of-work, is


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