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twitter blockchain

O CEO do Twitter, Jack Dorsey, participou nessa sexta-feira (25) do Oslo Freedom Forum 2020. Durante a conversa, Jack deixou claro que a tecnologia blockchain é parte do futuro do Twitter.. O Oslo Freedom Forum é um evento importante, parte de uma série de eventos globais apresentados pela Human Rights Foundation (HRF).

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Blockchain has always seemed to me like a solution looking for a problem, which isn’t a criticism. The laser, the transistor, and the integrated circuit all lingered, underutilized, until either

Blockchain é o futuro do Twitter, afirma Jack …

twitter blockchain

Twitter Reinforces Security Following Major Bitcoin Hack Social media giant Twitter has made major security updates to its platform ahead of the US elections, the firm said in a post on Thursday. “As we learn from the experience of past security inc

Twitter CEO Explains How Bitcoin, Blockchain Will Revamp

twitter blockchain

Twitter and the blockchain are both timestamped public feeds of events. Of course, Twitter is a trusted, mutable, and centralized feed. But there are enough similarities that a crypto-Twitter might start with the same API on a decentralized mirrored event feed.

Blockchain Social Networks: Alternatives to Facebook

Jack Dorsey, o CEO da gigante de mídia social Twitter, disse que Bitcoin e blockchain são o futuro da plataforma. O chefe do Twitter, Jack Dorsey, não desiste de seu evangelismo de Bitcoin (BTC) e blockchain, descrevendo a nova tecnologia como o futuro da plataforma de microblog.

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Twitter CEO Explains How Bitcoin, Blockchain Will Revamp Its Business Bitcoin backer Jack Dorsey appeared on the Oslo Freedom Forum stream to discuss how the social media giant can embrace blockchain. By Andrew Hayward. 3 min read. Sep 25, 2020 Sep 25, 2020. Bitcoin. Twitter

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Like many fabulous new blockchain ideas, Twitter on the blockchain is plausible only if you ignore history. There are any number of open and decentralised messaging standards — all of which foundered because the big providers preferred to run walled gardens instead. Twitter in particular is notorious for arbitrarily screwing over external API

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Blockchain-based Twitter competitor Twetch releases encrypted chat feature. Twetch Chat will let you use peer-to-peer payments, securely chat with connections, and revoke permission to published

Blockchain é o futuro do Twitter, afirma Jack Dorsey

twitter blockchain

Bitcoin e blockchain é o futuro da internet e do Twitter De acordo com Jack, a maneira mais segura de evitar censura na internet hoje é usando mecanismos inovadores. Desse modo, soluções que usam a infraestrutura do Bitcoin e blockchain deverão dar as chaves para a própria população.


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