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The slave trade in Libya was facilitated by the failure of international organizations and foreign countries. On the international level, NATO countries failed to fill the power vacuum created by the overthrow of Gaddafi while European countries still fail to address the root causes of migration from Libyan ports.

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The Tuareg and others who are indigenous to Libya facilitated, taxed and partly organized the trade from the south along the trans-Saharan trade routes.In the 1830s – a period when slave trade flourished – Ghadames was handling 2,500 slaves a year. Even though the slave trade was officially abolished in Tripoli in 1853, in practice it continued until the 1890s.

How Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Brought Back Slavery
November 17, 2017 November 17, 2017. Libya opens an investigation into slave markets operating in the country following CNNs exclusive report. The probe is being overseen by the governments Anti

‘Slavery is an outrageous reality in Libya’ | Slavery News
Humans For Sale: Libyan Slave Trade Continues While Militants Kill and Torture With Impunity, U.N. Says Libyas rival governments emerged …


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