Future of blockchain technology

The Future of Blockchain Technology: Top Five Predictions

Future of Blockchain. Blockchain is an emerging technology, but it still has mixed and unclear predictions about its future. In a research study done by TechRepublic, 70 percent of the respondents said that they had not used blockchain technology.

The future of blockchain - Blockchain Pulse: IBM

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Future of Blockchain Technology - Top 10 predictions of 2020

Blockchain is a chain of blocks used for encrypting data in packets. The Future of Blockchain Technology is going to be incredible because of its increase in demand due to highly authorized encryption techniques. Blockchain will be used in Banking, CyberSecurity, Cryptography, Healthcare, digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

8 Experts on the Future of Blockchain Technology and

Blockchain technology offers the chance to IoT to double its power as blockchain securely extends the data without tampering the previous set of blocks. The integration of IoT can be noticed as a blockchain technology future ahead. Adoption Of Smart Contracts


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