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Brexit: What the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Turkey and Greece, assisted by EU institutions and agencies, will take the necessary steps and agree any necessary bilateral arrangements, including the presence of Turkish officials on Greek islands and Greek officials in Turkey as from 20 March 2016, to ensure liaison and thereby facilitate the smooth functioning of these arrangements.

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The TCA has enabled an agreement between the UK and Turkey, which will continue the existing trade arrangements that the UK has enjoyed as an EU member state, including zero tariffs for most goods. This leaves Mexico as the only large market with which such arrangements will not be in effect from 1 January.

What the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement means for

The trade arrangement for coal and steel products results from an Agreement of 25.07.1996 between Turkey and the then still existing ECSC (OJ L 227, 7.09.1996). Those products are now covered by the EC Treaty but remain outside of the scope of the customs union.

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Without prejudice to WTO provisions, the Turkey-EU Customs Union constitutes major legal basis of Turkey’s free trade agreements (FTA). Under the Customs Union, Turkey aligns its commercial policy with the EU’s Common Commercial Policy. This alignment concerns both the autonomous regimes and preferential agreements with third countries.

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