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Fallout 4; Where is the best area to buy/sell things? User Info: schlafen74. schlafen74 5 years ago #1. Is it diamond city? Or is there someplace closer where I can sell things? The one outside you can trade with and sell your stuff for bottle caps.. Diamond city for me is the best place to go so far as it has the most merchants with caps

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The trade caravan post is a settlement object in Fallout 4. The trade caravan post is a makeshift shelter with a brahmin feed trough that traveling Bunker Hill merchants will stop at when they visit the settlement. The traveling merchants that …

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If you want to trade with a settler (or anyone) you use the holotape you get, set the cheat hun option to "view inventory" and shoot the person you want to trade with. Ive done this with level 4 merchants, random merchants (trashcan Carla), and even enemies (accidentally, not realizing I …

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It is still possible to trade items with him, however. [verified] and in a similar case, which specifically occurs after completing The Molecular Level: Fallout 4 Sturges Glitch (Stuck in Concord with Power Armor) 4. Is there a way to fix the Level 4 Merchant glitch.

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A variety of trading posts can be constructed after developing a settlement through Minutemen quests or by clearing out occupied settlements, and reaching level 2 in the Local Leader perk. Assigning settlers to some trading stands will increase settlement happiness and produce a profit of caps based on population size. Caps can be collected from the settlements inventory by …


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